Audit tech update: Moore Cayman and Engine B

Moore Cayman (June 25) has launched a “pioneering” blockchain audit verification service. The service allows recipients of audited financial statements to independently verify they are valid original copies signed by Moore Cayman via a decentralised blockchain application.

David Walker, managing partner of Moore Cayman, said: “As we serve a large and growing number of clients investing in, or developing digital assets, including crypto assets and various types of blockchain technology, we want our own auditing service to take advantage of the single source of real-time verification that blockchain technology can deliver.”

Engine B (June) held its Data Ingestion for Audit event with Microsoft. The event is focused on how Engine B’s data ingestion product works to give auditors the breadth of data they need to uncover insights and improve audit quality. There is also a demonstration from Jose Valencia, intelligence & analytics architect from Microsoft showing how Engine B’s Integration Engine’s data output seamlessly connects to Microsoft Power BI.


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