CoursesACCA F4-F6 Qualifications – course syllabus

ACCA F4-F6 Qualifications – course syllabus

As you are now progressing through your studies the course content in the fourth, fifth and sixth papers becomes more complex. In this qualification you will study:

  • F4 – Corporate and Business Law
  • F5 – Performance Management
  • F6 – Taxation

The content that you will cover in the next three papers will look at the legal framework required in accounting, how to manage performance and the way in which taxes are administered in business. In addition to these, you will also learn how to apply professional and ethical skills to these different areas.

F4 Corporate and Business Law

Students will study in detail the general legal framework that relates to accounting processes which are commonly used in business. You will also learn to recognise when it is necessary to obtain further legal advice in relation to an accounting practice, process or activity.

F5 Performance Management

Through this paper you will further develop your skills primarily in relation to management accounting. Students will explore the various techniques that relate to both quantitative and qualitative information often required for key business processes such as evaluating performance, control and making decisions.

F6 Taxation

The final section of this qualification will teach you about the UK tax system and how it can be applied to individuals, single companies and groups of businesses.