CoursesACCA F4-F9 Qualifications – course syllabus

ACCA F4-F9 Qualifications – course syllabus

Studying our combined courses allows you to work towards a more definitive goal. Within this course you will cover six papers in total including:

  • F4 – Corporate and Business Law
  • F5 – Performance Management
  • F6 – Taxation
  • F7 – Financial Reporting
  • F8 – Audit and Assurance
  • F9 – Financial Management

This comprehensive course will guide you through the legal framework for accounting before looking at managing performance, coordinating taxes and reporting as well as managing an audit and general business finances. You will also learn the importance of professional values and ethics which should always be reflected in your work.

F1 Accountant in Business

This is the very first paper in the series and it will teach you everything you need to know about the association between finance, accounting and business. You will explore how accounting functions in today’s business and why it is so important for the efficient and effective management of an organisation.

F2 Management Accounting

In the second paper in this qualification, students will learn about the wider business environment and how this has an influence on organisational structure. The latter sections of the unit will discuss the role of accounting and other business functions and how they contribute to the ethical and efficient development of a business.

F3 Financial Accounting

The third and final paper in this qualification will explore a number of principles and concepts that relate to the process of financial accounting. Students will also learn about double entry accounting and how to prepare financial statements.

F4 Corporate and Business Law

Students will study in detail the general legal framework that relates to accounting processes which are commonly used in business. You will also learn to recognise when it is necessary to obtain further legal advice in relation to an accounting practice, process or activity.

F5 Performance Management

Through this paper you will further develop your skills primarily in relation to management accounting. Students will explore the various techniques that relate to both quantitative and qualitative information often required for key business processes such as evaluating performance, control and making decisions.

F6 Taxation

In this paper you will learn about the UK tax system and how it can be applied to individuals, single companies and groups of businesses.

F7 Financial Reporting

This paper will enable you to study the various theoretical elements of accounting as well as explore standards that are required to prepare financial statements. The course will also teach you how to carry out detailed analysis and interpretation of these documents. You should be able to identify the various conceptual and regulatory frameworks that are required in financial reporting, account for transactions, analyse and interpret financial information and present statements for individuals and businesses.

F8 Audit and Assurance

Audit is an essential part of any business. Studying the materials in this paper you will learn how to conduct an in-depth audit and assurance tasks. You will also be able to outline the reasons why audits are carried out and the functions that they serve. After studying this section, you will be able to describe how the auditor understands the business, the techniques they use to identify and evaluate internal controls and issue audit reports and draw conclusions from audit findings.

F9 Financial Management

The final paper in the series will explore everything that you will need to know to practice competently as a Finance Manager. This will include understanding the purpose of financial management, recognising the impact of the economy on the management of a business, understanding working capital management, know how to carry out an investment appraisal and demonstrate knowledge of asset valuations and finance.